Safety first!

Safety at SER

At St’at’imc Eco-Resources safety is one of our main priorities – the safety of our workers, sub-contractors and neighbouring communities comes first.

We ensure all of our workers understand our company’s safety program, project safety management plans and practice safe work at all times. We complete monthly safety audits to evaluate what we can do better and what is already working. We always encourage communication from our office staff and field technicians on how we can operate more safely and effectively.

St’at’imc Eco-Resources values input from all and will work diligently to ensure that our workers feel safe during these trying times.

BASE SAFE Certified

In 2017 St’at’imc Eco-Resources (SER) was awarded a Certificate of Recognition (COR) and became SEBASE SAFE certified through the BC Forest Safety Council. This is an annual safety audit on the company’s safety program and implementation.

As we grew as a company, we had to change our SAFE designation and in 2019 we became the first large employer, BASE SAFE certified company in the Lillooet area. In 2020 SER our health and safety program and implementation reached an overall score of 95%. It is our goal to increase our audit score until it reaches 100% and maintain that score throughout the coming years.