Impact Statement, Mission & Values

Impact Statement:

Working for a sustainable ecosystem and creating value for the St’át’imc communities and members, now and in the future.


We are a St’át’imc Nation Community owned environmental services company. We deliver globally competitive ecological services to our clients, creating value for local St’át’imc community members


The Shareholders and SER acknowledge, confirm and agree that the values for SER are as follows:


To diversify the economy and resource use, provide sustainable management, uphold St’át’imc’s relationship to the land, and create a net gain for the environment.

Strategic Orientation

To undertake careful due diligence and research of best practices, to make the best informed decisions possible for the benefit of future generations.

Transparency, Equality & Accountability

To strive for transparency and openness of information (through policies, processes), equality, and fairness, in all SER’s work and decision-making. To acknowledge SER’s responsibilities, report on, and be answerable for SER’s results to the Shareholders.

Communication & Engagement

To engage in meaningful dialogue and encourage community participation, empowerment, and inclusiveness in decision-making that is responsive to the interests of the Shareholder communities, builds trust, and respect.


To act consistently with SER’s values and principles to achieve the SER vision.


To enhance the personal and collective capacity of each Shareholder’s citizens and institutions to respond to, and influence, the course of social and economic change and resiliency through: multiple resources and protections that mitigate risk and enhance quality management (good governance, policies, due diligence, etc.), positive adaptation (skilled leadership/staff), and the ability to recover and realize the SER vision.